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The new Adidas Ace 17 soccer shoes will use red and black color design, and has a white three bars. This design does not hide the origin of their inspiration, you can be alive today if the Predator series, it probably will be a long look of it. Technically, the third-generation football shoes Adidas Ace already full range of standard high-top design. Ace 17.1 alleged design and no laces Adidas Ace 16+ Purecontrol very similar, no longer use the traditional tongue and laces only be fixed through the upper top lace circle. As to the upper material, saying that Ace 17 will feature woven upper, and covered with a layer of synthetic material to increase durability. There are now quite popular honeycomb structure to enhance the effect of the ball on the vamp. The new soccer shoes Adidas Ace 17 and still has the same strain before but full of innovative outsole design. Outsole came after seventy-four arranged eleven cylindrical spikes, relatively very traditional, while the anti-torque arc midfoot has also been retained in order to enhance stability. However, since the emergence of A Ace 15.1 and 16.1 external TPU are traces disappear. Overall, the new Ace 17.1 and Ace 16.1 Primeknit very similar, that is probably not specifically Adidas launched each Primeknit version. However, the news that “PureControl” version will be retained, it said, it would be the next generation of football shoes without laces.

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Deadly Focus –Adidas X 15.1: Adidas with action already proved himself in 2016 will go to war determination. In addition outset launched without laces shoes other than soccer, they also launched a series of limited edition collection of soccer shoes. Today, there are a new shoe market, it is fatal to focus Deadly Focus Pack series. Adidas and Italian design Italia Independent to launch a full two stylish soccer shoes. The launch products focused on display two brands are committed to creating unique products. The Deadly Focus Pack series is therefore emphasizes both the creativity and passion for football (of course, black and white color also appears in the expression of respect for Juventus, after the designer Lapo Elkann is the club’s brain residual powder). By “Limited Collection” series, we can show and try unlikely to occur in the ordinary version of the latest technology and design. For example, unique design, technological innovation and, in particular cooperation projects. Vice president of Adidas Football Design Sam Hardy said. X15.1 was first launched last year, when the revolutionary adidas reduced from four series to Ace, X two series.To be good at creating chaos on the court and a special player, X15.1 using a unique three-layer X-Skin uppers, but also has to wear the new X-Cage to provide a better lock, and the use of X-Claw to provide better grip and acceleration.

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You are a fan of Juventus, is it for you in the choice of colors of little affected?
Juventus accompanied my growth. I am a fan of Juventus, indeed till the end, as it will always be my family in general. So of course, the choice of color, my Juve gene indeed affected me. As a creative designer, their own design using high-performance products that make you very excited? Italia Independent have had help Adidas Original eye design experience, their full cooperation and teamwork Originals. Since before the pleasant cooperation, both sides are very confident that we can use the design performance products. We are also very grateful for the opportunity to give us such a 谢阿迪达斯. Generally, you will only see this design in luxury design, this time we decided to transplant it to sports equipment. This is very exciting. This is also the unconventional approach. As a co-founder of Intalia Independent, Lapo Elkann another hobby is cars. Will there between football shoes and cars are not comparable it? Of course, before the football shoes and cars actually have a lot of similarities. They are and strive to perfect performance weapon. They must play in their function, but also have to be filled with fashion sense.

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When the explosion models become everyone effacement product, brand is actually in a state of overdraft. Coconut shoes have this danger, despite the adidas Yeezy Boost is the biggest winner last year Sneaker circle, but also the value of the year’s most shoes, footwear is the Year award, or on Instagram’s most popular sneakers …… but it’s really difficult to buy, you can only see the stars wearing the most expensive speculation Triple Black has sold US $ 1876 a pair. Limited height adds Yeezy gimmick, there is a trend to occupy sale news headlines, and more fans have complained about this. The good news is, Kanye West Twitter issued yesterday said: “. Adidas this year opened a new factory to produce 1 million pairs Yeezy” Although adidas has been no official confirmation of the authenticity of the message, but apparently Kanye will not talk nonsense. Kanye cooperation and facilitate adidas adidas global director Jon Wexler once said in an interview, they received more than 72,000 pieces of mail, the letter that you want to buy Yeezy Boost, called for increased production. Play limited-edition has been a means of adidas and Air Jordan series excels, the more extreme the situation just Yeezy, the market circulation of shoes rare. And this thunder, little rain situation is not just the fans do not like to see, even Kanye himself may also not quite happy. According to recently published news adidas, the biggest player in the brand profitable last year but not Yeezy Supercolor series, in rainbow colors gimmick Kuangmai the 15 million pairs last year. The Yeezy Boost the price is high, but can not make much money. According to “Forbes” commented, although Kanye West last month, claiming their own business owed $ 53 million, also on social media for Mark Zuckerberg to let him invest in their own propaganda, these are his “Maintenance” personal brand a method. We have introduced a common mode of operation limited edition sneakers market – they will first launch a limited few shoes, such as Lebron 10 “What the Lebron” the initial version of the sale, the second annual shipments will surge shoes while fans after a year of “torture” has been tuned to the point of feeling not have to buy, and even a sense of gratitude.
1 million pairs Yeezy Boost listed can indeed alleviate the emotional hunger, but also dilute the scarcity of supply and demand situation. For Adidas We always have this worry: by the star explosion models driven rather than product performance, in the end can support the brand take how long?
Of course, if you arguing Yeezy how good performance, we are also nothing to say. But you look at those who talk about Yeezy, some people say do you want to take the performance?