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Lacombe inspiration from vintage tennis shoes, like over a layer of sweet cream, and C? Te upgrade using brown suede upper. The series will be officially on sale March 19. Adidas Ace Tekkers 2016 soccer shoes blue spy impact: Adidas soccer shoes small revolutionary Ace Tekkers about to usher in amazing appearance, the impact of blue, black and half solar Lime color combinations will be available in April 2016. It is also possible to adapt to the fourth paragraph of this color variety of venues soccer shoes. A combination of black, blue, and the impact of solar fourth paragraph color half lime is the football shoe has the most amazing color. Adidas in blue and black colored upper with a heel silver / black three bars, and a revolutionary outsole is blue and the impact of using solar energy with half the lime-colored seven spikes . In addition to the fresh color, the new color shoes with the same technique as before. Adidas Ace Tekkers order to obtain unparalleled ball effect using a synthetic material uppers. The thin upper also has a unique structure in order to increase stability. Adidas Ace Tekkers soccer shoe soles with a new design concept, and seven longish spikes ensures a variety of venues in the grip, from the streets to the artificial grass.

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Adidas Ace16.1 Primeknit DarkSpace version starting from August 2016 listed retail price and the general version also flat at $ 250. The color is not a limited edition, but will only be released FG version. Adidas soccer shoes series launched liquid erosion: simple and elegant. This is Adidas (Flud & Etch) series of soccer shoes that convey information through the latest limited edition liquid erosion, the black and white series X and Ace breakdown, and both have a fine detail. In this season’s black and white World War II, it has been played with the latest color Nike Tech Craft series of scientific and technological ingenuity, and elegant black kangaroo leather version Puma evoSPEED SL, Adidas has launched two series and also quite similar to the former, they are It is X15.1 and Ace16.1 . As part of the limited edition series of liquid erosion series Adidas’s latest hot products, but also illustrates the Adidas soccer shoes field aggressive enthusiasm. X15.1 soccer shoe design Liquid is full of dynamic. Uppers using an innovative technique semiliquid metal dye, and by the magnetic force of the liquid dye is attached to the upper, a unique pattern and texture. When this dye solidification, exudes dark metallic luster and reflective effects. Really is intelligent design. Erosion Ace16.1 soccer shoes represents the pure football shoes.

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It does not help high, not knit, but there shoelaces, even without much publicity fancy, but Ace16.1 is a successful product, deserve respect and praise. Perhaps today it is considered a tradition, but it is superior performance. Adidas ACE16 + Purecontrol Paul Pogba exclusive football shoes: Paul Pogba graceful talent, and always leading the fashion with their own taste, he is needed in today’s football. Now, Boge Ba has finally become three bars of the player’s contract, Adidas also did not hide his special attention, especially as he launched a personal and exclusive limited edition Ace 16+ PureControl soccer shoes. Speaking of sparkling, these shoes itself shining glory. These shoes are printed on both sides of the heel “POGBOOM” and “POGBANCE”, they are not playing in the play. Strong black with noble gold, this is the best on the pitch to celebrate the honor. More elegant, more attitude and full of self-immersed in this double character without laces Adidas soccer shoes every inch of innovation.This pair is designed for Boge Ba will not be ready for soccer shoes on sale, Adidas produced a total of 30 pairs of football boots which, while Boge Ba will personally select those who will receive this lucky feet shoes. If you can wear it won the Golden Globe for it could not be better, Boge Ba itself is not only the god of the stadium, but also the heroes on the pitch.

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Porsche 911 Edition COPA Adidas Porsche Design Sport X release soccer shoes: bring superior performance and high technology cooperation passion the two German giants. Adidas Porsche Desgin Sport X football shoes is the crystallization of the two brands, combined with their dedication to quality, bringing this luxury limited edition football shoes. The Adidas Porsche Design Sport X football shoes inspired by the two sides – the Porsche 911 and Adidas Copa Mundial. This fusion of two iconic design is a tribute to the classic, it is part of the Adidas limited edition series. Adidas Porsche Design uses kangaroo leather soccer shoes body material, if you wear it played, it not only offers the perfect package and buffer, but also allow the upper handle exudes such as Porsche supercar through a special edition of the metallic surface. This feet on both sides of the shoes also reflects the inspiration from sports car, carbon fiber-like effect mapping out a sense of speed. But as one pair of Porsche speed soccer shoes as inspiration, its shape does not seem so streamlined, passionate elegant looks more like a Rolls Royce rather than on the track surging. Adidas Porsche Design X soccer shoe soles from Macy’s exclusive series of design, which draws Messi15.1 outsole designed to provide better grip.

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Blue Adidas Wars release version ACE 16.1 kangaroo leather soccer shoes blue: Aspen Adidas launched the latest color product adidas ACE 16.1 leather soccer shoes, boots and further enrich the family market. Adidas soccer shoes introduced ACE16.1 leather version will finally have a lot of love and the Predator 11Pro fans into a new world, a new color perfect kangaroo leather soccer shoes in the succession of predecessors good touch outside in the winter can make you soccer shoes away from synthetic material brought cold. ACE 16+ Purecontrol is available to everyone without laces design convenience, 16.1 Primeknit offer is the latest technology to bring the perfect synthesis knit sense of touch, but leather version of ACE 16.1 soccer shoes bring is traditional, comfortable pure feeling, of course, the weight of the burden predecessors have been completely cast in addition, a pair of a blend of traditional and modern science and technology and comfort of the perfect product. As long as there is grass, soccer goal and I am sure you see the impact of the Blue Edition adidaas ACE 16.1 will have the urge to play. Adidas released the first generation of soccer shoes Adidas X Series final commercial version color: Adidas X15.1 soccer shoes in the 2016 fourth paragraph recently launched a commercial color, it brings a fresh design for the series.

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Walcott showcase their latest models camouflage Adidas soccer shoes X Series:Walcott week to showcase the latest models camouflage Adidas X on a personal social software Instagram, looks new shoes with the ordinary version of X used the same shoes outsole. Although he has recently put a new disguise paragraph X 15.1, but the details of the show makes people pay more attention to this pair of shoes. Walcott in February 2015 joined Adidas, when he chose the F50 Adizero, and in May 2015 before the Champions League final for some time he received a camouflage boots paragraph X series, we now have the opportunity to take a closer look Assen this pair of shoes is satisfied that the shooter. Walcott boots with the ordinary version vary greatly, although he used an ordinary black or white appearance. The first is the heel using F50 Adizero 2013 paragraph Speedfoil material and foot facial X 15.1 is the synthetic material. In order to better uppers lightweight, he did not choose to use the X-cage, except that the picture is printed on the upper. Secondly, the design elements of his shoes has been a significant cut, in addition to heel design looks similar to X 15.1 leather version, the other is to reduce the number of design. Again, Walcott shoes with the ordinary version of the tongue looks different, the other not comparable, even the heel white seemed more striking given, of course, the same outsole or outsole.

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Nostalgia for the launch of Adidas football shoes black and red color Gloro 15.1: Adidas launched the retro Gloro 15.1 soccer shoes, with a large elastic tongue and upper cortex, everything looks so has the essence of a falcon. When you first when you see it, you certainly can not help but think of the 2004 classic Predator Pulse soccer shoes, whether it is color or atmosphere is so familiar. Twelve years later, Gloro 15.1 soccer shoes in the room as we quietly put up a classic look back to the bridge. Of course, football equipment is always in pursuit of new materials, lighter and more durable, but designers are also very eager to break through the traditional, classic products but has never been able to forget, and even appreciate value than practical significance, this is the reason they are timeless, Adidas this design not only inherited the classic look, it is the essence of being integrated into the modern science and technology. The greatest feature of this Gloro 15.1 soccer shoes, I’m afraid the tongue, the World Classic will mark 90 years we look back to the Beckham’s moon scimitar, fluffy large shirts, big round spikes era.

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But compared to Puma evoSPEED SL curb weight is 103 grams, X15 + SL is not a little too heavy. Lightweight football shoes seem to want to let people have a “barefoot feeling” illusion, its inspiration is that if you can contact football better, faster contact with football, then your reaction is more sensitive and faster – – a few milliseconds so fast it contrast:. Adidas X15 + SL vs X15.1: since its launch last Thursday, Adidas X15 + SL has aroused the concern of many people, the most common problem is that in the end and Adidas X15.1 the difference in what place?
The new X15 + SL is actually the same series of ultra-top version, so it is not X15 + X16.1, for this reason, we can not expect to make big adjustments Adidas in key technologies used, compared to only say X15.1, X15 + SL to appear next level. Although all of the soccer shoes of judgment depends on the individual player’s likes and dislikes, but you must realize that X1 + SL compared to X15.1, but still there are some key differences. The biggest change is to provide X-Cage support structure in the X15 + SL The structure uses ultra-thin TPU material, but also to those who foot the center of the shoe has a unique transparent effect. Such changes let alone reduce the weight of soccer shoes 9 grams.

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In order to allow more products to share innovations, now Copa SL Court small soccer shoes also unveiled. On the outsole Copa SL Court, we see a common marking rubber material and Adidas in recent years to promote the Boost technologies. Boost Technology will really solid TPU split into thousands of small particles of stored energy, these small particles have shaped this part of the small heel soccer shoes. Unique structure so that these small particles can be more energy efficient to store and release energy. Coupled with excellent cushioning effect, greatly ease the pressure on the ankle and the knee, so that the wearer to get new experience. On the basis of innovation, but also to maximize the Adidas Copa SL Court let this pair has a classic look, retro valgus big tongue can easily arouse people’s nostalgia. Whether you are in the cement street or indoor courts, the new Copa SL Court crowd will let you become the focus of attention. Adidas’s their most famous shoes repackaging designed to pay tribute to classic shoes with a modern way, I believe some people can cause resonance.Adidas Copa SL– launch innovative interpretation of the classic football shoes over 2016, Adidas through their series of unexpected innovation has won widespread praise, and their daring has brought huge returns.

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Technically speaking, the second generation of soccer shoes Adidas X Cage and its large field version of the difference is very obvious. First, it uppers using “Compression-fit” (tight fit) material, as well as the uneven effects to enhance the ball. Then, outsole Adidas X16.1 Cage is also worth noting that, although Cage outsole designed primarily for concrete, but its design and TF outsole is very similar, of course, relatively low broken nail or can be adapted to a variety of site conditions. Coming in early September 2016 listed Vapour Green Adidas x16.1 Cage soccer shoes sells for $ 150. Adidas Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit upcoming Women’s color soccer shoes: Adidas will launch this summer, eye-catching white / yellow / black color Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit soccer shoes. The upcoming June launch of the color will be a women’s exclusive color. The new Adidas Ace16.1 Primeknit color using a near all-white upper, simple and fresh. Both sides of the three bars in black and outsole uses a bright yellow. Adidas Ace16.1 Primeknit soccer shoes using a woven material uppers and Sprintframe outsole to deliver the ultimate ball. In fact, soccer shoes and which Ace16 + Purecontrol performance is very close, the main difference lies in the laces.